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033 (2011) Bengali DVD Full Movie Download Free Mp4,HD Mp4 and High Quality Mp4 For Mobile,PC or Tablets, android,Mkv, Full movies
033 (2011) Bengali

Category : Marathi
Source : DVD
Releaser Info : ARAHAN

Release Date : Mar 5, 2010
Genre :
Starcast : Swastika Mukherjee , Parambrato Chattopadhyay, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Dhruva Mukherjee, Rudranil Ghosh , Saheb Chattopadhyay
Description : 033 is the code for the city of Kolkata. This film is a tribute to the efforts of the two centuries that have absorbed themselves with music, reflected here through the band named ‘033’ and its young members .The story begins with a girl from Philadelphia named Mrinalini visiting Kolkata for the first time in her life. She meets the members of 033 as she expresses her desire to make a music video on one of their songs, entitled “033”- an early band song that they have revived and earned fame for. But she has some secret agenda for herself. The band comprises of Arnab, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist; Shom the band master and the lead guitarist who plays an acoustic guitar besides singing a few songs whenever necessary; Voodoo the drummer, Rudro the keyboardist, and Ria, the female lead who is also the bass guitarist of the band. Lastly, there is the old man Santiago with his guitar store ‘G Minor’, who happens to be the band’s patron. Mrinalini’s proposal generates tremendous excitement, as 033 is not yet prominent as a band, even though it has been noticed at various college fests. Mrinalini starts capturing the members of 033 on camera as they perform and express their passionate and ambitious views. But the progress on the video is stalled at every stage by something or other that goes wrong. In the meantime, Mrinalini faces problems staying at a hotel and shifts to Shom’s grandmother’s old mansion. This mansion is a house without an address. Since it is situated at the intersection of two lanes, it falls under two post offices. Hence there is a dispute over the correct address. This constitutes an element of fantasy for the band. They have been struggling to write a song on the house and failing every time. Slowly Mrinalini starts getting involved in the internal dynamics of the group - in their struggle to sustain their identity against all odds. In Shom, Mrinalini finds a withdrawn, sensitive person behind the facade of the apparently egoistical group leader. Through him, she also finds out the reality of their situation. She realizes that the band members need to get out of the city to make their career. Kolkata is a city of displacement, of migration. Though it is never spelt out, the band also faces threat from within. Will 033 be able to keep the members within its boundaries?
Duration : 1. 30 Hr
Size : 165 MB
2.13 (259 Votes)
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